The book is the centenary publication to honor the contribution of
    all those pioneers in the field of Prenatal Psychology. The book presents the most
    updated findings in the field of Prenatal Psychology.

    Edited by Jon RG Turner Troya GN Turner & Olga Gouni
    Co-Authored by
    Ludwig Janus, Thomas R. Verny, Arthur Janov, Michel Odent
    Jon RG & Troya GN Turner, Olga Gouni, Dejan Rakovic, Mirjana Sovilji, Grigori Brekhman, Ioanna Mari & Laura Uplinger, Glenna Batson, Maria Athanasekou, Elizabetha Levin, Ronald Cole

    5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm) Black & White on White paper, 650 pages
    ISBN-13: 978-1984323828 , ISBN-10: 1984323822 
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    During the course of about 100 years, Prenatal Psychology has developed from an initially intuitive insight within the scope of psychoanalysis into a broad interdisciplinary field of science.  Otto Rank began his study of the possible effect of birth experiences in 1904, finally publishing his book the Trauma of Birth in 1923.
    With these two dates marking Rank's contribution, it can be said that Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology is approximately 100 years of age. Since then, due to the laborious, dedicated work of Pioneers in the field, what was once a hidden mystery now is common knowledge.
    Prenatal Life Matters! 

    Today, there is more and more evidence on how our early beginnings from pre-conception to early after birth can affect our Health, our Relationships and our Quality of Life. 
    In this book, you will find a complete guide as to what we now know in the field of Prenatal Psychology and you can get vital keys to understanding how our primal experience shapes who we become.


    1 Prenatal Psychology opens up a new horizon for the human concept by Ludwig Janus
    2 The Impact of Maternal Factors on Prenatal Development by Thomas R. Verny
    3 Epigenetics and Primal Therapy by Arthur Janov
    4 What Obstatricians Need to Know About Prostate Cancer by Michel Odent
    5 Prebirth Education Begins Before Conception by Jon RG & Troya GN Turner
    6 The Complexity of Prenatal & Perinatal Experience by Olga Gouni
    7 On Quantum-Holographic & Trans-Generational Implications for Child Developement by Dejan Rakovic
    8 Transfer of Transgenerational Information and the Possibility of their Measurement and/or Monitoring by Mirjana Sovilji
    9 Renaissance of parenthood as a way to the prevention of pre-perinatal traumas in the Future generation of people by Grigori Brekhman
    10 Prenatal Education, Early Parenting Ten golden rules for future parents by Ioanna Mari & Laura Uplinger
    11 Human Origami: The Embryo as a Folding Life Continuum by Glenna Batson
    12 Bonding with the unseen; Symbolic nuances and the iconography of the new life by Maria Athanasekou
    13 Prenatal Period in Light of the Effect of Celestial Twins (ECT) by Elizabetha Levin
    14 Spiritual Aspects of Birth and a Physician's Evolvement by Ronald L. Cole
    15 Welcoming Our Children: Moving Towards a Salutogenic Mode of Practice by Olga Gouni
    16 Epilogue: Welcoming our Children is a Gift to Humanity by Olga Gouni
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